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Saturday, April 27, 2013

We're on Spotlight!


Here's a link on my post about Babywearing before I go on.

Baby Raeka is so unlike her big brother. Russell is content sleeping or sitting in his stroller while we are in the mall but with Raeka it's another story. She loves being so close to me. Hubby says that is because I breastfed her longer and because she's so much like me, sweet. Oh well, since I still go by the equation... Happy Baby = Happy Mommy, I just gave in and bought a baby carrier/sling.

I researched for weeks before deciding on Baby K'tan, but since it's out of my budget, I got excited when I found SaYa. It functions like a K'tan but is way more affordable. I bought the Semi-Stretch Knit (SSK) from a fellow mommy seller and fell in love with it instantly.
photo grabbed from SaYa on Facebook

We still bring Raeka's stroller with us, she sleeps there for half an hour or less. When she wakes up, hubby carries her for a while because he loves cuddling her too. The look on her face whenever I bring out our SaYa and arranges it around my body is priceless! She already knows that when the SaYa is around mommy, it is gonna be cuddle time with mommy.

Just take a look again on how much she loves to be in the SaYa. She even fell asleep while I was carrying her. We finished our grocery shopping, which took us a couple of hours before she woke up and smiled when she saw that she's still inside the SaYa.

I now included SaYa in my equation...

SaYa = Happy Baby = Happy Mommy 

What are your thoughts about babywearing?

Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I'll get back to you as soon as I'm online.

Blessed Be.


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