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Thursday, April 25, 2013

My first fur baby


Back in 2009, I was in a client meeting when my husband Ron called me saying that he already got me a labrador puppy! I was bummed because he didn't even wait for me to see the puppy first. He said the the puppy was so cute and excited when he went near that's why he chose her for me.

On my way home I kept thinking of a name, I wanted to call her Zoe but Ron has this fixation on names that starts with the letter R... So I decided to name her Roe! Pronounced as Ro-eee..

When I entered the house, my heart almost melted when she ran to me! That was the first time she saw me and she already went into my arms. My fur baby! My little Roe girl. 

She lit up my world, I played with her, bathe her, taught her discipline and tricks. She's my baby, I still treated her like a dog, she still sleeps in her kennel and not on my bed. But she's a bit spoiled, treats are given just because she acts cute. Toys are scattered around the house all day. It's like we had a new baby to play with!

Such good and happy memories!

Blessed be.


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