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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review: Earth Baby AI2


A little background on me and baby:
I'm very new to cloth diaper. I'm not an expert. Just an ordinary mom trying to do what's best for baby.  Raeka is between 2-3 months old when I took the pictures of her wearing the cloth diapers. We've been using cloth diapers for about 6 weeks now.

Earth Baby All-In-Twos (AI2)
I read about Earth Baby cloth diapers on MCNP. I visited their FB page and was so glad that the introductory promo price is still on. I immediately checked my budget and ordered two All-In-Two / AI2 diapers.

I'm not going to discuss every small detail of the diaper since it can already be seen on the picture I grabbed from Earth Baby.

Here's my baby Raeka wearing Earth Baby AI2s. 

The cover has 3 rise snaps or what I love to call size snaps. It's supposed to last from the beginning of baby's life until he/she's an active toddler. The elastic tabs make it easier to adjust the waistband for proper fit around the tummy. I just hope the elastics will not wear off or get loose easily with each laundry day. Since I started my baby on CDs when she was a bit over 8 lbs, I set the rise snaps to small (please refer to the top most picture). With the small setting I found out that the gussets are really tight on her thighs so I changed into medium instead, thinking that the large sizing is applicable to toddlers. I tried the largest setting on her, as can be seen on the picture where Raeka is wearing the AI2, but the weewee leaked, so definitely she;s just on medium size. She loves to sleep on her tummy and the diaper doesn't leak at the tummy part at all. 

The diaper comes with a Stay-Dry cover. It's made up of microfiber on the bottom and a fabric that dries up easily on top (sorry I don't know what it's called) so that baby will still feel fresh after peeing. It is great that the inserts can be snapped onto the cover, on the tummy and the bum part. I noticed that if baby moves a lot, the inserts can bunch up or be misplaced hence leakage galore, but with the double ended snaps, that's not likely to happen. 

Any problem I encountered on the AI2?
Like I said, I'm new at cloth diapering and I tend to forget that I need to adjust the gussets every time I change baby's diaper. I let the gussets stay around her thighs and she got these ugly painful-like red marks. 

I contacted Jeanette of Earth Baby diapers regarding what happened to my baby. She told me that the gussets must lie as close to the crotch / inner thigh as possible. If you notice the gussets of the disposable diaper that my baby is wearing on the pic, that's exactly where the gussets of the AI2 should be, not just to prevent the red marks but to prevent leakage as well. 

I did her suggestion and here's how my baby's thighs looked like after wearing the AI2 for 6 hours. Yes there's a bit of gusset mark but it goes away after a few minutes. And it is normal for baby's thighs to get marks like that, she gets it also from wearing disposables.

My verdict?
The Earth Baby AI2 diaper is really good. I'm so glad I found it. Although the size setting is a bit on the small side, I wish Raeka can still use these diapers until she's potty trained.  I just hope that she won't learn how to remove the velcro closure soon because I do not want to destash these diapers.

Aside from selling a great product, the after-sales service should be great as well. I think Jeanette handled my query professionally, she explained and taught me how to properly fit the diaper into baby.

Earth Baby also has Pocket Diapers too, I still have to try those yet, but I definitely will, soon. Want to try them out? Visit the Earth Baby's Facebook page now.

Have a great Cloth Diapering journey mommies and daddies!

Blessed Be.


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