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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How not to lose the garter of your kid's pants


Hi mommies!

Have you ever been stuck in a situation wherein you're in such a hurry to go out with your child only to find out that the garter of their pants is missing again? That is a typical scenario in my family, I would always look for a pin in order to get the garter out of it's hiding place. 

here is the type of kids' pants that I'm referring to

Then I realized I should sew the garter onto the waistband of the pants. Silly me for not thinking of this the first time the problem presented itself years ago! I actually started doing this when my eldest son turned two, so it took me a whole year. Pardon me, I'm too undomesticated. I don't like sewing! Lols!

Anyways, here are the two ways you can saw the garter onto the pants. I used colored thread instead of white so that you can see the stitches. Nobody will see them anyway once the pants is worn.

works either way

Try it on your kid's pants today to save yourself the trouble of finding the lost garter. Lols.

Do you have any simple tip or tricks that you want to share? Please share them by commenting below.

Blessed be.


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