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Friday, February 15, 2013

Blue and Pink


I took a picture of my eldest after his first bath and I did the same with my baby girl, just to see how much they look alike. Regardless of their birth weight, they have some similarities but their differences are more evident as to their gender.

The article I read on entitled Learn to speak your child's love language, have some tips on how to show make our children feel loved by following their cues. Even adults have different preferences about love, some likes hugs and kisses while some likes long conversations.Children too have their own expectations on love, take my kids for example.

As babies, they both love to be with me, of course, I'm mommy. Raeka just turned 2 months, so the only comparison I have are their feeding, potty and sleeping patterns.

Russell will feed on my breast and on the bottle but Raeka prefers to direct feed from me

Russell loves to sleep in his crib while Raeka loves to co-sleep on our bed.

Russell can fall asleep on his own but Raeka needs to be rocked to sleep.

Russell does not want to be carried all the time while Raeka doesn't want to be put down ever.

Russell cries after he poops but Raeka can sleep even there's poop in her diaper.

Russell likes the cold weather while Raeka screams her lungs out when she feels cold.

Russell stays in the stroller the whole time we're in the mall but Raeka has no patience to stay in the stroller for more than 10 minutes.

The tricks that worked with my eldest will never work for my baby. At first, I thought that being a mom to a newborn for the second time will be a breeze but I'm experiencing different. It takes a lot more work to satisfy my baby girl compared to her older brother. I don't know why and I'm pretty sure I won't get an answer either. I just give in to her wishes and we'll both be happy.

I'm suppose, I will notice more differences in their personalities as Raeka grows older. One thing I'm certain is that no matter how different they are, I love them both with my life. 

How do you show your love to your children? 


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