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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tag! I'm IT!


Ever since the arrival of our baby Raeka, I always find myself in the middle of a Tug-of-War game. Often times, Russell will try to tell me a story about what happened in school or in his game while Raeka is screaming her head off because she's hungry.

I know they love me to bits, but, there are times that I wish there's two of me. I get off the hook when hubby is home, as he and Russell are always playing and I only get stuck with the baby. But since hubby needs to work, I'm stuck with these two cute kids at my hip.

How do I keep my sanity intact?

By letting Russell help with calming fussy baby Raeka.

Whenever Russell wants to have a conversation with me but Raeka is crying, I would tell Russell that I would love to hear his story and if he can help me calm Raeka then we he can go on with the story. I'm so lucky that Russell inherited his father's limitless understanding and he would always kiss Raeka on the cheeks and stroke her back. Then he will hand me the nursing pillow and wait patiently while I hand Raeka her food which is my milk of course. While Raeka sucks away happily, Russell and I will continue our conversation and everyone is happy.

I really admire mothers with 3 or more kids, as I only have two but they drive me crazy most of the time.

Please feel free to share your tips on how to entertain 2 kids at a time by commenting below.

Thank you and Blessed be.


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