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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bottle feeding: Farlin Fail


I'm breastfeeding my daughter Raeka directly since she was born. I tried expressing and storing milk so that whenever I eat or shower someone else can feed her when she goes hungry. 

Hubby wanted me to buy the Avent Via Breast Milk Storage containers, but being the budget freak person that I am, I insisted on buying more affordable bottles instead. 
Avent Via Breast Milk Storage

We bought the 3-piece Farlin bottles that comes with storage lids. It's BPA free so I thought I found a good deal.
The last bottle in the box.

Not really!

I washed and sterilized the bottles five times, and used it only four times, of course I washed and sterilized it before using.  And here is what happened...

Does this look right to you?
The bottle melted and became deformed. Take note that I only sterilized it for five times. I'm using the Avent Steam Sterilizer and if the bottle cannot handle the temperature of the steam, what more if it boiled? 

There must be something wrong with the batch that I bought and that was so unlucky of me. If that is the case, then the Quality Control of Farlin sucks big time.

My verdict for Farlin bottles will be EPIC FAIL! I wasted Php200 for 3 pieces of bottles that I could only use for 4 times.

Just spend a little more for products that costs more but comes with good quality.

Blessed be.


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