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Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby's First Month Checklist


I'm on my 29th week of pregnancy and I felt the need to check on the things that my baby will immediately need once she takes her first breath.

I've been browsing the sites and blogs for quite some time now, looking at Baby Checklists. I narrowed the checklists into my very own Baby's First Month Checklist. These are the things that I think I need to buy before I go into labor. Other items can be bought afterwards or are expected to be given as gifts, such as pillows and toys.

Some notes I considered in making this list:
  • I only placed 6 pieces of Feeding bottles because I'll be Breastfeeding her most of the time. The bottles and breast pump will just be my back-up.

  • I'm not a big fan of wooden Cribs because my little sister used one and she often accidentally bumps her head. The crib bumpers on the sides are no-use, so I opted for the Pack n' Play instead. We're still planning to buy a new one which will be placed in the bedroom while the hand-me-down used by our eldest will be placed in the living room so that we can still watch her even if we are not in the bedroom.

  • Tie-sides. I don't like these also. I used to have dozens for my eldest, shirts, mittens, booties with ribbons to tie them. All the ribbons got tied together during laundry and most came off eventually. So now, I'm going for button-down shirts or the one with snaps.

  • Frog suits. They are so hard to put on a newborn baby and it's hard to change the diaper at night. So we'll just use a pajama shirt and bottom.

  • I'm planning to use Cloth Diapers once I'm well-rested and recovered from the delivery. So we'll use Disposables for the first month because it will be easier for me.

I'm way behind on my shopping and time is running out! 

How about you? Are done shopping for your baby's first month?

Blessed be.


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