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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Pregnancy Weight Gain


It is normal for pregnant women to gain weight, but gaining too much weight is also not recommended because it can lead to complications later in the pregnancy and labor.

My pre-pregnancy weight was 110 pounds.

I am now 25 weeks pregnant and weighs 134 pounds

I gained 12 pounds since my last prenatal appointment and my doctor was not happy about it.

She advised me to cut the weight gain to just 4 pounds a month.

Here's a screenshot I took from my chart in

The green dot is my weight, as you can see it is over the recommended weight gain for women for are 25 weeks pregnant.

Based on the chart, I think I should only be around 128 pounds, so now I am 6 pounds overweight.

Since my family has a history of diabetes, I was also sent out for glucose screening just to make sure that my sugar levels are in the normal range.

I changed my diet from "eating all the rice I can" to "eating what is healthy". So I cut white rice and white bread from my diet. I only eat a slice of wheat bread instead of rice, sometimes I satisfy my cravings for rice just by a quarter of a cup.

Here's my favorite snack...

I mix my own cereal drink. 

It is very easy to make, you'll just need:

  2 tbps of unflavored instant oatmeal (quaker oats)
  1 tbsp of crushed whole wheat cereal (special K)
  2 scoops of prenatal milk (anmum chocolate)
  1 cup hot water

Mix them all together and enjoy!

You can use any brand of oatmeal and cereal that you like. Low-fat milk can also be used as substitute for prenatal milk. I lost 2 pounds in 1 week and I retain less water now.

I'll share some of my meals on my next post.

Blessed be.


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