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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sea Gaia Dive Resort Boracay


I booked Sea Gaia Dive Resort Boracay for July 27 - 29, 2012 through because of the discounts offered by agoda. At first, I was reluctant because I could not find any review about the resort but since I was pressed for time I booked anyway. Before our trip, I learned that the resort also offers scuba diving services and that their gears are displayed inside the resort's walled compound. Knowing this, I knew that security in this resort will be tight since scuba gears are rather expensive.

The resort is located in Station 1, beside Astoria. Just tell the tricycle diver to drop you at Astoria, walk the alley towards the beach and turn right. The resort immediately to your right is Sea Gaia. It looks more like a Japanese restaurant and Dive shop than a resort because the rooms are at the back. 

We arrived at the resort around 8am. The manager asked the type of room we prefer, apparently they have rooms with two beds or one big bed. I booked for a twin room so naturally I asked for the room with two beds. We paid a minimal early check-in fee of Php700 and off we went to see our room.

We were actually expecting a room with two single beds, to our delight our room consists of 1 king sized bed and 1 single bed. The room looks like a triple occupancy room and we got it for the price of a twin room. The moment we got into the room, we went about our business, I took pictures while hubby unpacked. Our son occupied the single bed and the king sized bed is of course, for hubby and me.

There is a small ref in front of the bed that kept our water cool during our 3 day stay in Boracay. The small tv is a bit blurred and the remote control doesn't work properly but it'll do, we only watched tv at night before we sleep. A small pack of toiletries consisting of 2 bars of soap, 2 sachets of shampoo and 1 roll of tissue were provided but we brought our own so it's no biggie. A small oval mirror is placed on top of the cabinets so that we can check our appearance before we go out of the room. The sink is weirdly placed outside the bathroom and is below the air con, which by the way, works just fine.

The bathroom is really spacious and clean, it can fit 3 people of the same time. We don't know how to work the water heater though, so we just mixed it with the tap water in the pail. The bathroom door lock is broken and squeaks with every movement.

Every time we leave the room, we always see scuba diving students in the small dining area and the security guard is station in the entrance. We left our phones and wallets in the room, fortunately everything is still at their proper places when we come back. The manager and staff made our stay pleasurable by assisting us in getting a tricycle when it was our time to check-out.

Php 3,600 - Room rate for 2 nights, booked through Agoda
          700 - Early check-in
Php 4,300 - Accommodation Expenses

The Twin Room actually costs around Php 2,200 per night but since we booked through Agoda, we got a total discount of Php 800. We were given a room big enough to be called Triple Room so I guess we got more than we paid for.

Blessed be.


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