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Saturday, August 25, 2012

PINK Saturday!


I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday so hubby decided to stay home with me. After taking Russell home from school we went straight to In My Womb Glorietta. We waited all these weeks for our OB-Gyne to tell us to get the ultrasound / sonogram done, first is to measure the baby and to determine the gender (our choice). 

A bit about In My Womb Glorietta, we got there around 2pm and we are lucky to be the one customer at the moment. I requested for the 2D ultrasound with fetal biometry. It cost us Php1,400 which is a bit higher compared to other clinics but their location is very convenient and the clinic feels very relaxing. 

We found out that we are having a GIRL and she's measuring perfectly! Oh hubby is the most excited of all! He is finally going to have a little girl.

Hubby is actually asking me if I want to have the 3d/4d ultrasound done on my 28th week of pregnancy but I'm still thinking about it. I think he wants me to do it, he's just being subtle about it.

Blessed be.


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