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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bato Springs San Pablo Laguna


Bato Springs is a popular destination in San Pablo Laguna. It's a really big place with a long pool filled with fresh water running freely from the mountain. 

How to get there:
My friends and I went on board the JAC Liner bus bound to Lucena, from the Buendia station. We paid 127 pesos each for the fare to San Pablo. It was almost a 2 hour ride to San Pablo. We alighted just before we reached the Meralco office in San Pablo and got on a tricycle that took us directly to Bato Springs, fare was 150 pesos for the tricycle.

Entrance fee & others:
We each paid 80 pesos as entrance fee to Bato Springs and went straight to look for the one in charge in renting out cottages or tents. Everything was taken so we had no choice but to lay a blanket near the pool so that we can put down our things. We noticed that they only have 3 tents for rent and the picnic cottages costs a minimum of400 pesos.

Overall Impression of Bato Springs:
Highly Unorganized. 

They do not have staff to tell visitors where to line-up. They should have two sets of lines, one for those who brought cars and for those who don't. They should have at least two people who receives the entrance fee payment and he should stay in one place and do not roam around. Getting inside Bato Springs is so confusing!

Once you're lucky enough to get inside, no one will point
you where the parking area is, or where you can rent cottages. You just have to look for it on your own. 

The admin office that rents out cottages are so untrained and would tell you that they will try to look for a tent even though they know that they only have 3 tents available for rent. We even overheard that they mistakenly gave out couple of reserved cottages to those who inquired on the same day, talk about unprofessional.

There are only 2 designated shower areas for everyone in place. Bato Springs has the capacity to accommodate almost a thousand people but they only have 20 shower stalls. The shower rooms are fairly clean and the water runs strong.

The pool is really cold and has the relaxing feel to it if you're into cold water. The pool floor is full of leaves, which is understanble because the place is sorrounded by lush trees that shields the hot rays of the sun.

Will I go back with my family?
No. My husband and son doesn't like swimming in cold water.

Tips for those who plans to visit Bato Springs.
- Bring your own car so that you have a safe place for your belongings. 
- You can also bring your own tent and pitch it anywhere you want.
- It is a really loud resort, you cannot lie down and relax here.
- If you can, go on  a weekday, less hassle.

Will I recommend this to tourists?
- Maybe to adventurous local Filipinos who would love to feel the cool mountain springs.
- Not to local and foreign tourists who seeks relaxation.


Blessed be.



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