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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ocean Park Hongkong. Not worth the trip.


Our trip was the morning of December 11, 2011 (Sunday).

My friend already told me that a trip to Ocean Park is not enjoyable because of the steep climbs that you have to do. Still, I wanted my son to have the Ocean Park experience, because when I was a kid I had a lot of fun in OP.

We bought our tickets from China Travel Service and they are much cheaper than if you purchase from Ocean Park itself. We took the MTR and then a bus. Upon arrival, we exchanged our ticket vouchers for the actual tickets. And off we went inside, people on the entrance are saying "Welcome to Ocean Park" but they are not smiling at all.

We immediately went to find the dolphin show and had to line up for almost an hour to ride the cable car. Some groups of elderly chinese cut in line and expect everyone to give way because they are old. I mean hey, everyone needs to be fair, they need to wait like the rest of the guests. The cable car ride is ok, we had fun looking at the scenery and we took some pictures.

The dolphin show is not impressive at all. It is like the dolphins do not like to obey the trainers at all. I had more fun watching the Ocean Adventure dolphin show in Subic than in Ocean Park Hongkong. The popcorn sold near the dolphin show is a waste of money, it is not popped at all because it is full of hard bits. We like the dried squid more than the popcorn.

After a bit of walking, we found the train and much to our dismay there's a lot of people too. Chinese people in Ocean Park do not know how to line up properly! They keep on pushing everyone and some of them even pick their noses in public! Talk about gross!

We met 5 nice ladies in the train though. They look very sophisticated and they can speak english. They thought my husband is chinese and i am indian, lol for that one.

Lastly, we tried to enter the aquarium although line is long we still went. Again, the super rude chinese elderly kept on pushing us that we got into a fight with them. We decided to leave Ocean Park instead.

- Cable car
- Musical fountain
- Dried squid
- RUDE Chinese elderly will push you all the time. They do not care if they might crush the child that you're with.
- There is no staff that oversees the line, so these chinese elderly always cut in line and shout rude stuff at you if you don't give them way.

Ocean Park administrators should learn Customer Relations. They should visit HK Disneyland and take notes how it became the happiest place in HK.

NOT WORTH THE TRIP especially if you have children. Go to Disney instead.

Adult - 280 hkd
Child - 140 hkd

Blessed be.


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