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Wednesday, February 22, 2012



I just had my first trip to a waxing salon. Yes, it is my first time. I either pluck, shave or wax my underarm hair by myself but after seeing the really affordable price I saved myself the trouble.

I went to Lay Bare Waxing Salon in Robinson's Manila. I was lucky because I have time to drop by the place on a weekday because as I have heard they are always packed with clients during weekends.

The moment I pushed their glass door open, I was greeted by the attendants. Greeting the clients the moment they step inside any establishment is always a good sign that the service is also good, it shows that the staff cares about their work and will bot commit any careless mistake in performing their service.

I immediately said that I'll avail of the underarm waxing and one attendant named Christie called my name saying that the room is ready. This happened in under one minute, so that's really fast. When I got into the room I noticed that they have a sign which shows the name of the staff that maintains the room. I was asked by Christie to remove my shirt and place my things inside the locker.

As I lay on the bed, Christie chatted with me while she prepared the materials she'll use on me. She asked if it was my first time to have my underarm waxed and I told her what I've been doing ever since. She showed me the was that they use and it looked like a pink bubblegum that I actually wondered how it'll remove the hair. She also offered their brazilian service since summer is almost around the corner, I was flattered when she mentioned that she's sure that I wear bikinis since I slim, lols.

She then mentioned that she'll start the procedure, I was so surprised that I don't feel any discomfort at all. I could remember my self-waxing moments and I swore I'll never wax myself again. When she's done with both my underarms, she plucked a couple of hair that the wax mixed and then she applied soothing lotion. I was reminded by Christie not to wet my underarms or put deo for 4 hours to avoid irritation.

I only spent 150 pesos for the waxing service plus the tip I gave to Christie. I will definitely go back to Lay Bare Robinsons Manila and request for Christie again. Who knows? Maybe I'll try the brazilian... hmm... maybe not too soon though... I'm such chicken! lols!

Until next waxing time!

Blessed be.


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