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Monday, February 27, 2012

Puppy's day out


On sunday, Russell and I attended a free pet dog training at Mercato, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Hubby Ronald was supposed to go with us but he had last minute mini-vacation plans with his officemate so off the two of us went to the BGC.

We arrived a little before 7am and we got the chance to chat with the trainer Francis Cleofas with his gorgeous black labrador Sophie. The guests started arriving a few minutes later and Russell took Fluffy to mingle with other pet owners. We met a guy who invited us to join a pet owners' group so that we can learn how to better take care of our puppy and hopefully find him a girlfriend, lols.

Fluffy is so friendly like his human companion Russell.

The training started with the dog-walk around the block. Russell insisted on being in the front of the group so we rushed out with Fluffy desperately half-running-half-bouncing between us. It was just 8am when we walked but the sun is already so high that we became thirsty in just a few minutes. The purpose of the walk is to use the dogs energy so that during the seminar they will remain calm.

Francis and his lab Sophie

Much to Russell's delight, the Francis the pet trainer asked for a volunteer to demonstrate why we need to train our pets. At first, Russell need to walk to the side of the venue so that he will not see what he is supposed to do. A guy went to the middle of the floor and took a sip from the water bottle, that is what Russell must do. When it was Russell's turn, he kept of looking at Francis because he is waiting for his command. He was asked to guest what everyone wanted him to do, and that is to drink from the water bottle. He was given bits of instructions until he finally did what needs to be done. He received a dog clicker for being such a good sport.

"What should I do?" - Russell

Francis explained to us that dogs cannot guess what you wanted them to do and then do it correctly the first time. It will take a lot of patience from the dog owner for the dog to finally learn the "tricks" that the owner wants the dog to do. He further explained that his methods are not similar to those of guard dog trainers when negative reinforcement is used. He distinctively repeats that he is pet dog trainer, he uses positive reinforcement and lots of patience. He also mentioned that he also trains the dog owners on what they should do after the training sessions are done.
Two different kinds of cuteness.

The seminar went on with a bit of hands-on training with selected dog owners. I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of the Siberian husky in front of our Fluffy. While the seminar went on, Russell got hungry and went to buy a hotdog and egg for P30 each, while Fluffy played with a bigger Shih Tzu beside us. Again, I'm the mom who needs to listen while the kids do what they want, so unfair, lols.

And the furballs smelled each other...

We received a 10% discount for a pet dog training session and additional knowledge about training our pets. After the seminar, the three of us went eagerly to check the food at Mercato. First, we bought a couple of ice creams for P70 each. The ice cream is supposedly preservatives-free hence the price. We found an empty table near a booth selling Roast beef and mashed potatoes, so we got enticed to try the yummy -looking mashed potatoes for P60. We bought a grilled hotdog for Fluffy for P30, because according to the trainer, it is ok for the dogs to eat them as. Finally, we bought a chocolate flavored taho or soya jelly for P25. Of all the food that we bought, I loved the mashed potatoes and the taho.

It was nearly 12 noon when we left Mercato. We are planning to attend the next training with our labrador next time, that is if hubby is willing to hold the labrador during the training.

Until our next day out.

Blessed be.


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