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Friday, February 24, 2012

Grade 1 Year-End Exhibit


The school year is almost coming to an end and OB Montessori has their distinct way of ending it. On Saturday I was invited by Russell's teacher Ms.Bobis to the Primary Year-End Exhibit. The students will demonstrate a summary of what they learned since June until February and how they learned it.

I went to a traditional school where the teacher will write on the board and just lecture all day where the child often gets bored. The montessori style of teaching is a bit different in a sense that teacher use visual materials in teaching the lessons to the students. In this way, students have a better grasp of the lessons and the focus in more on the journey of learning rather than the grades, as what usually happens in traditional schools.

Every student in Russell's class was given a task and demonstrated each topic they tackled. Russell demonstrated how they learned multiplication using the Board of Power. It is a board with numbers of beads that represents numbers. The numbers serve as a visual guide for skip counting like 3-6-9-12 and so on.

One boy looked discouraged because his parents were not in the classroom to watch his demonstration. He was supposed to speak first but he ended up being the last. He barely murmured to himself and I can really feel that the child is fighting his tears. His dad came late as we are about to finish the day. I made a mental note that there is absolutely no acceptable reason to be late for my son's school activities because I need to maintain the level of trust between us.

The day ended with an evaluation, each parent was given a a sheet of paper so that we can evaluate if the teacher is competent enough to continue her profession in OBMCI. Of course, I answered according to the improvement that I saw on my son and gave constructive comments as well. The evaluation shows how OBMCI gives value to the perception of parents with regards to their teaching methods. We're really sure that we get our money's worth. The astronomical tuition fee become a minor thing when the I witnessed Russell's social, emotional and intellectual improvement.

It was so sad that my phone's battery gave up that I didn't get a chance to video any of the students' demonstrations, although I'll check if I can find a way to get a copy of the videos from the other parents.

I'll post the pictures once I receive them from the official photographer.

Blessed be.


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