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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

whoa wednesday


Ok so it's wednesday. AF is 5 days late. My temp is 38.5 this morning and I was like "whoa! do I have a fever?!". I haven't test again because I can't find an early detection HPT here. I got a couple of BFN on monday and I got so frustrated that's why I still didn't test.

Last night, I opened the Monopoly board game that I bought for DS Russell. He was so excited to play with me because he was bugging me for the board game since Christmas of 2011. He finally got his wish and we played one round.

At first I was winning, I bought more properties than him. Then my winning streak was broken by the income tax space, darn the tax! Russell started earning money through the community chest and chance cards, he even bought hotels!

The lowest moment of my first monopoly game with my son was when I have less than a thousand bills and I landed on one of his hotels. I have no money to pay and even if I sell all my properties to the bank it is won't be enough. I finally threw up my hands and shouted "Okay you win! I don't have money left!" Lols

He was so happy that he won. He even asked his dad this morning to play with us tonight.

What games do you play with your kids?

Blessed be.


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