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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Old fashioned or Scientific


On there is a message board topic Anyone trying the old fashioned way? without OPK etc... wherein one member is asking if there are women who are TTC but doesn't use OPKs and Temping. Here is my reply...

I just count the days of my menstruation cyle. DS was a huge surprise for us, DH and I were not expecting him to arrive so early in our lives but now DS is already 7.
I think there are times that women should really know what is hapening inside their own bodies, especially when the clock is already ticking faster. I mean, I'm 27 so I hope that I don't any problem conceiving our second child but I have a friend who is just 1 year older and she has PCOS, now that made me concerned.
My OB knows that DH and I are TTC, she did an TVS and found nothing wrong with me internally. She recommended that we try naturally just count my cycle and without the OPKs and Temping. If nothing worked in a couple of months then we'll might run some tests.

Russell came a surprise for hubby and I seven years ago. Now that we are thinking of trying to conceive (TTC) # 2, I began researching online for articles that can give me explanations on how a baby is conceived. Oh we all know how babies come about but do we know what happens in a scientific manner? I found a few websites that helps women understand their own bodies in order to give them a fair advantage on when is the most appropriate time to conceive a baby.

I'm a member of It is a great website for parents and parents-to-be to interact and exchange tips with each other. It was my best friend when I was pregnant with my Russell and I'm running to my best friend again now that we want to have baby #2. Although sometimes all this Getting Pregnant discussions about Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPK) and Body Temperature (Temping) overwhelms me because I'm not doing those things. It sounded like a lot of work for me, and when something sounds like a lot of work for me I get stressed out and when I get stressed out I may not be relaxed at all to conceive.

Anyone else TTC here?

Blessed be.


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