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Monday, January 16, 2012

No dinner tonight!


I got really disappointed and upset on my son tonight.

My son is studying in the room for an exam on monday. He knows that he needs to study because he wants to get high grades. Then in the afternoon I cooked popcorn for him as his snack. I mixed melted butter and cheese because that's the way he liked it. He went downstairs when he smelled the popcorn and I gave him a bowl to fill with popcorn. He then went to sit on the couch with his dad and watched tv. I let him watch tv for 10-minutes and asked him to go back upstairs because he needs to continue studying as he is not yet done reading according to him.

I went upstairs to find the whole bowl of popcorn in the trash. I asked him politely why he threw the popcorn. He said that he got angry because I won't let him watch the movie downstairs. I told him that he needs to study for his exam. Then I told him that because he wasted the popcorn, he will not get dinner at all. He cried and I left.

He kept waking up around 12midnight. I knew that he woke up because he's really hungry. I asked him what's wrong and he just hugged me then apologized. I gave him a bowl of cereal which he finished eating in 5-minutes and he went back to sleep.

MIL said that I'm way too strict. I told her that my son will not learn the importance of food and that we should not waste it if I keep on tolerating his actions of throwing food when he is angry.

How will you handle the situation with your child?

Blessed be.


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