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Monday, January 9, 2012

Movie: My Househusband


I watched this movie because my best friend requested it. This post is written not by a film critic but a simple movie goer.

Spoiler Alert!

The movie is about Rod and Mia, a married couple with two big kids. Rod is a bank manager while Mia sells life insurance part-time and stays at home with the kids. They live in a house located in some posh village, own two cars and has a stay-in maid. Sounds good huh? They were okay until the bank where Rod works was bought by another bank and he decided to resign leaving Mia to work for a living.

What I liked about it
It successfully portrayed machismo and pride among filipino men who feels embarrassed when their wives earn bigger than them. As Rod wouldn't want to accept any job than will give him less salary than his former one, I mean money is better than having zero right?

Lack of communication between husband and wife was also present the entire movie. Rod doesn't talk too much when he was the one working and Mia became the same quiet workaholic when she's the one bringing home the bacon. There are plenty of married couples who went their separate ways because they couldn't understand each other or like I said, lack of communication. So I guess, they got this part right too.

What I didn't like about it
The one thing that I couldn't shake off is the way Mia's family reacted when Rod finally decided to apply for a job in Canada. Here in the Philippines it is already hard to obtain a job, much more if you are a manager and above. Trying the luck to get a managerial job in countries abroad is a fairly sensible choice over staying at home being bitter. In reality, filipino families would be excited if one member of the family is planning to work abroad and eventually bring the whole family after a year or so. The movie showed it otherwise, the parents and siblings of Mia was so against Rod's decision to go to Canada, the reaction is so far fetched from where I came from.

To conclude...
I think the movie survived because of the extremely funny supporting role of Aida. I found myself impatiently waiting for her every time the focus goes back to the lead actors. In my honest opinion, if the actress Eugene Domingo was not in the movie at all, then the movie will be a total drag.

Watch the movie if you are a Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo or Eugene Domingo fan. Watch it to support the Filipino film industry. Watch it, but don't expect much from it.

What do you think about the movie?

Blessed be.


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