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Monday, December 5, 2011

Super Early Monday Post


Yesterday when I was out with my friends I remembered that I have an account at Babycenter. I was so amused that my login there still worked after I haven't been able to visit the site for a yew years.

Russell celebrated his 7th birthday last Nov.27 and I only got to rest for a bit then it's back to the hectic daily schedule. It is actually 2am here in the Philippines but I'm still awake because I dozed off around 4pm and now my eyes just won't shut! lols. Anyways, DS is already excited for our trip to Hongkong Disneyland this weekend, oh I hope it won't rain there because it's been raining all day here.

Tomorrow oh I mean in a few hours I have lots of errands to do, bills to pay, deposits to the bank and of course the never-ending homeworks. Is it me or does it make every mommy feel like they are back in elementary once more? lols! When I graduated from college, I was like "Oh goodness! I'm glad school is done!" but now I'm back in school, worse, I'm back in 1st grade!

Oh well, I'll have to review my "TO DO" list (again!) to make sure I did not forget anything. I sometimes feel like a moronic robot because I keep on forgetting stuff.

Have a safe day to everyone!

Blessed be.


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