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Saturday, December 3, 2011

7th Birthday Party


This is the conclusion of my entry Planning a 7th birthday party.

Our Russell turned 7 on Nov.27 and he already had two celebrations. The first was a party held with his classmates at OB Montessori. The second bigger party was at Max's Restaurant.

It was actually his dad's idea to hold a party since a child becoming 7 is pretty much a big thing for everyone, so I gave in. I thought after being a wedding coordinator would lessen my stress over the party planning. It felt different when the party I was planning was for my own child. I was more excited yet more stressed.

Here's a bit of review of our party suppliers

Rainbow Catering (c/o OB Montessori professional high school)
P 6,900
The price is inclusive of snacks and drinks for 30 people, 3 games with prizes, hosting ang mascot. The high school teens of OBMCI were very gracious and effective in handling kiddie party with 30 screaming hyperactive kids.

Max's Restaurant

The staff at Orosa branch are very attentive and helpful until after the party. I only reserved the venue 17 days before the party and we had no problems. I paid more than 50% as deposit and paid in full two days before the party, the payment scheme was my choice by the way. The only comment that I could give is that they only provided 6 pieces of game prize. I was glad that I asked their staff the day I paid in full and I had a bit of time to buy additional prizes. If I remembered to ask earlier or if their staff told me I would have gone to Divisoria for more prizes. Also it would have been great if they told me that the party hats was actually an art activity for the kids, that way we might have explained it to the kids. Great service in general anyways.

Cake and Cupcakes by Diana Dominguez

Mickey Mouse cake - P250
It was a dummy cake used only for the candle blowing ceremony of the party at OBMCI.

Race Car cupcakes - P1800
The 40 pcs cupcakes were just an addition to the cake provided by Max's. Diana was a high school classmate of mine and she's very great baker. I gave her a picture of the party setup at Max and she incorporated as the cupcake topper. She delivered the cake and cupcakes for free and very on time. We gave away the cupcakes to Russell's guests and they loved it too.

Magician - Host

Christopher is really accommodating even though I only booked him one week before the event. He even let me watch a video of his magic act so that I could show it to my son before we decide. He moved really fast when I asked him to send me a proposal so that I could deposit the reservation fee to his account. When my son requested to meet the magician in person before the party, Christopher gladly set an appointment for us to discuss the details of his hosting, balloon twisting & magic acts. He even let Russell participate in his magic acts because my son wants to let magic too. Russell had a lot of fun and thanked me for hiring Christopher the Magician for his party. I cancelled the first magician I booked named Ruel Vapor because he gave flimsy excuses about emailing the contract to me even after I deposited the reservation fee to his account.

Mediamonsters Productions

Photographer - P2,500
Drew arrived at the venue 1 hour before the party to prepare and take pics of the venue before the party started. He could really instruct a child how to pose for a picture that will really look great on print. He would take every angle possible and is very quick to move in order to get the perfect shot.

AVP Projector - P1500
He arrived with the photographer to set-up early. I only down my netbook on the table beside the projector and he set it up by himself.

70 printed pics in an album - P800
They were supposed to deliver this yesterday with the soft copies of the pictures in a dvd but it seemed that the one responsible for endorsing the deliverable forgot to mention this to the messenger. Hopefully we'll receive the album soon as everyone is excited.

Chocolate Fountain
The supplier was referred by Max's restaurant. The fruits they brought to the party is really freshly cut and they are only cutting it minutes before the party started so that the apples will not turn brown. I paid them in full two days before the party so that I won't have to think of anything else during the party. They were done setting up when I arrived one hour before the party started.

Breakout Events

My team mates assisted on the party day with the guest list, seating arrangement, and giveaways. I made the table numbers using plastic cups filled with pebbles and styrofoam for the flag that indicated the number. On the side of the plastic cups, we taped the names of the people who were supposed to sit there. Well, the table assignment was followed by 75% because some guests who said they were coming did not arrive while some brought extra people with them. It's a good thing that we had extra seats because of those who did not arrive. My team mates arrived on time as usual, they helped me with deciding some details that came up during the party and helped me pack up our things after the party.

diy Table Numbers

diy 30pcs candy cups and 30pcs prizes from Toys R Us and 88 Japan Store
Max's 30pcs lootbags and 6pcs of prizes

Below is the computation of our the cash we spent to celebrate our son's birthday. I hoped I helped some of you who are planning a party on your own.

Russell will be have another intimate celebration with just me and his dad in Hong Kong on Dec. 9 - 11. We are all so excited for our first out of the country trip!

Have a safe day everyone!

Get in touch with my suppliers:

Breakout Events Management - Website  - 0915 768 8698
Rainbow Catering - OB Montessori Sta.Ana - 564 7895 / 564 7898
Max's Restaurant - Ermita, Manila - 522 1076
Diana Dominquez of Sweet Thumbs - Facebook Page
Christopher the Magician - Facebook Page - 0907 159 0387 / 0915 625 3413
Media Monsters - Website

Blessed Be.


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