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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Planning a 7th Birthday Party


Our son Russell will turn seven on Nov. 27 and hubby requested that we throw a birthday party for him.

Here's my checklist:

I'm DONE with....
1. Guest list

2. Venue / Food - done
Nov. 25 (Friday)
- with classmates and teachers only
- Rainbow Catering by OB Montessori Sta.Ana Highschool Dept.
- theme : Mickey Mouse

Nov. 27 (Sunday)
- with relatives and friends
- Max's Restaurant
- theme : Speed Racer

3. Digital Invitation
- I opted for this one so that I can announce the Date & Venue as soon as I paid the deposit.
- sent the invites via facebook and email, will text everyone tomorrow

Will need to follow up on...
4. Cake for Nov.25

5. Magician for Nov.27

6. Photographer for Nov. 27

7. Outfit for Nov. 27

sample digital invitation

sample confirmation

I guess that's it.

Blessed be.



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