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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Class Schedule


Russell is a grade 1 student at OB Montessori. The class schedule is not similar to what I experienced when I was still in primary & secondary school where all subjects are squeezed into one day.

In OBMCI grade 1 students have 9 subjects, although they only study 4 subjects per day. On the first day of school, students were given a circular where they can find the Class Schedule and Uniform / Dress Code.

I tried giving Russell sole responsibility of preparing his school things the night before, but there are days that he forgets one of the notebooks he needs. I pasted the class schedule on a piece of old folder and wrapped it with plastic cover. Then I taped the class schedule on his study table, yet still the same situation. Lastly, I tried color coding the days and he finally got the hang of the changes in his schedule.

How do you help your child organize his / her things for school?

Blessed be.


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