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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Right in the Middle


"Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts the most."

Goodbyes are never easy as everyone else says so, now I've proven the truth of it. I usually try not to get attached to anyone so that it will not be hard for me to say goodbye because for me people always leave. I built my own sanctuary behind a thick impenetrable password protected wall to keep my emotions safe from everyone. Only a few people managed to obtain a password and get a glimpse of the me behind the wall I purposely built to protect myself.

The wall becomes thicker and stronger when I'm in the workplace. It helped me stay professional and maintain a stable mind even when things go wrong at work. It helped me perform continuously even after being slammed to the ground by an angry client. I routinely check the wall just to be sure that I'm still safe behind it. I do not want anyone to see my weakness, especially my tear-brimmed eyes when my weakness been struck.

I usually let people in one at a time but the people who gave me this gift managed to penetrate my wall with such ease without me knowing that they already got a good glimpse of me behind the wall. I am an emotional person but I usually control my emotion when I'm in front of other people, much more when I'm in the workplace. People sometimes call me two-faced or bi-polar or fake because I can still manage to function, even smile at the most hated person when I need to.

Yesterday was my last day at work. It was a very hard decision for me to leave because I love my work so much. Still, priorities should be set and followed without question. I had a feeling that they are making a going-away gift when I saw the wrapper on one of the tables of my co-worker and the scotch tape with cute design was borrowed by the same co-worker from my teammate. I invited them to a going-away party and we were set to head out to Laguna for an overnight swim bonding. And I thought they will present the give during our time in Laguna, I was so damn wrong!

When 5pm struck in our quaint office, they called to where all the action happens in our office and presented me the gift they painstakingly crafted for me. All walls came crashing down and tears fell like waterfalls down my cheeks. To my surprise everyone else were either tearing up or almost close to tears. I swear all my pictures holding the gift will show a red-eyed swollen person that looks far from me.

I will never forget the guys and girls whom made my 8-month stay with the company enjoyable and worth remembering. You know who you are.

Blessed be.



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