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Friday, October 7, 2011

Steve Jobs 1955-2011


Steve Jobs was one of the greatest innovators the word ever knew. Apple products are sought after every techie person, even my 6-year-old son wants to have an Ipad. His death might take a toll on the company or might be the chance for others who are like him that follows their heart.

Upon watching the video, I remembered that I also had my own share of life's bitter medicine and it made me a better person.

I was born in a conservative family where the free spirit will be harnessed and will be made to conform with everyone else. The way my mind works is very unorthodox for my family and this often got me into trouble. I desperately took a course that I don't really like just to impress all of them. I tried my very best to please them but I wound up hurt and depressed because I still can't provide what they expect from me.

Eventually I broke free from the chains and decided to create my own path. A year after, I got pregnant and I thought that my life is over. There I was, a college undergrad with little money and a baby on the way. My boyfriend and I tried to make things work all by ourselves.

If it have not been for my lack of good luck that I was born in the family I knew and that I could not finish the course I initially took to impress them, then I would not have found my way to where I am now.

My baby's father, now my husband, helped me obtain a scholarship in one of the finest college that teaches practical lessons to working students, De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. I learned that life does not end if you don't graduate by age 21. I learned to accept the bitter past, enjoy the present and prepare for the future.

Life is too short to keep on doing things you don't like. I love taking care of my son most. And when I knew that he's different from kids his age, probably like me when I was a weird kid, I decided to choose him over my job. I love my job but I love him my son more. I might have hurt those who depend on me to keep the business rolling but my son depends in me more than anyone else. He's my greatest and most loyal customer. I am very thankful to have a husband that supports my decision.

I am done trying to please everyone else. Now I know that I have to simply follow my heart and do what I love, then everything else will fall rightly into place.

RIP Steve Jobs. Thanks so much for the wisdom.

Blessed Be.


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