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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aug. 27 - 28 Manila-Baguio trip


We've planned our trip to Baguio for a couple of weeks that is why even though typhoon Mina is unrelentingly beating the Northern part of Luzon, we decided to continue our trip.

Ronald said we could travel at night so that we can still rest at the hotel before we go around Bagiuo. We loaded our Suzuki Swift with our bags and topped up then we hit the road. After driving for a few hours I decided to pass by Luisita to buy some midnight snacks. Russell was sleeping the whole way and was very grumpy when I woke him up to go to the restroom.

The roads in Tarlac and Pangasinan are worse than the roads here in Manila. We could've cut the travel time to 5 hours if the roads are not so bumpy. It's so hard to drive over the bumps and holes using a compact car, still we went on.

At exactly 12:30 am, we entered McArthur / Ben Palispis highway aka zigzag. The rain is getting heavier and fog is starting to welcome us as we go up the steep road to Baguio. Below is a picture of a one-lane part of the zigzag.

We arrived at the Hotel Veniz around 1:30am. Check-in was a breeze and so was finding a parking space. We decided to rest for a while, take some pictures and finally get a good morning's sleep. The hotel room is very clean and well presented. We got the junior standard room with free buffet breakfast for 2.

Buffet breakfast in Veniz Grille is yummy, but since we woke at 9am the food on the buffet table was almost gone. We requested for the frech toast basket to be filled up again and after a few minutes a waitress gave us a plate full of french toast, yummy!

The rain was pounding every inch of Baguio, the only place we can go is SM Baguio. Some parts of the mall is wet because the rain is being carried by strong wind inside the mall. Still, we have to take some pictures eh? We had lunch at the mall and strolled the whole afternoon.

We decided to eat dinner at the hotel and try the Cafe Veniz. Here's what we ordered.




The only tourist spot we visited are Mines View and Good Sheperd convent to shop for pasalubong before going back to Manila.

We had lunch at Solibao Restaurant in Burnham Park, their Fried Chicken and Kare-kare are so yummy.


Fried Chicken

Some may think that we wasted our time and money going up Baguio on such a stormy weekend but we think otherwise. We had fun going up the zigzag and experiencing the fog hitting our windshield. We screamed in delight every time the cold wind blasted our cheeks. We bonded the whole weekend and that's the most important part of our trip.

Here's a summary of our expenses.

I will always go back to Baguio with my boys. So until next time.

Blessed be.


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