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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Angry Birds!!!


Since the game "Angry Birds" became popular, Russell is pressuring me to buy every single Angry Bird merchandise and more often than not, he becomes disappointed. He would kiss and hug me for as long as he can just to hear me say "Yes" when he ask "Mom, can we buy the Angry Bird pillow? It's so cute!"

One of the traits that I love about my son is that he does not throw tantrums whenever he doesn't get what he wants. He simply mumble a sad "Ok" if my answer is "No" or "Next time". There are times that he will negotiate with me, like he'll massage my back or daddy's back when we buy the toys. Still, if I choose to decline and be firm in my answer he will just say "Ok".

So what made me buy the two Angry Bird pillows? The price.... LOL... Most pillows we see are worth P300 up but these two are just P99.99 each in Toy Kingdom - SM Makati. My husband commented that the quality of the pillows are not similar to the higher priced ones but Russell does not seem to mind. He even requested his dad to take our picture with his pillows and then asked me to post the picture immediately on facebook. As soon as our food arrived, Russell made his birds sit on the couch and told us,

"It's ok if these are not expensive because,
Angry Birds will always be angry."

Blessed be.


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