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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Six Years and Counting


It has been six years since Ronald and I exchanged vows in front of lots of people and our son Russell. We got wed at the Our Lady of the Abandoned Church in Sta. Ana, Manila. Unfortunately, all our pictures were lost and all we have left are memories.

We started our day by taking Russell to swim school and packing our bags in a hurry because we have to attend a party by lunchtime. The Dedication party was held by Ronald's friend and Russell's godfather at Cafe Kapitan in Marikina. I kiddingly greeted then with "Thanks for throwing the party on our honor!" and then we all laughed. We were so happy to be invited as the party was very intimate. It's very flattering to know that we are considered intimate friends of the proud parents of the cute baby boy dedicated to God.

Lots of food and howling laughs later, we bid goodbye to our friends and they graciously gave us food from the buffet table. It took a one-hour cab ride from Marikina to Ortigas where we got a room at Richmonde Hotel. Russell was so excited when he read that the swimming pool is located in the 4th floor. We were supposed to shop for snacks and some toiletries in megamall, but decided that we can shop at night after our swim.

We posed for a few pictures before changing into our swim attire. Here's one of Russell and I, while watching tv in the room. And the next one, were of Ronald and Russell, they took the first dive to the pool so that I can take their picture.

Russell have been taking swim lessons for a couple of summers which made him really brave in the 4 to 5 foot deep water. He showed me all the new swim strokes he learned and I was so proud of my son when his butterfly stroke is almost recognizable as such. I showed him how the swim strokes should be properly done and Ronald played with him after our brief "lessons". Russell had so much in the heated indoor pool of Richmonde Hotel.

The room rate came with two free buffet breakfast. We paid for Russell's breakfast at 50% off because he's already six years old (5 year old kids and below can eat for free). We ate our hearts out for the food in the hotel's restaurant is so yummy. We tried almost everything except for the rice and viands. I especially enjoyed their coffee, while Russell loved their cheese and Ronald gulped a few bacon strips.

We decided to go for a quick swim after breakfast but we couldn't say no for crazy pictures on the stairs. Russell just won't smile like a normal person, he loves fooling in front of the camera.

Before we went home, we made a new promise... We'll celebrate our 6th year anniversary, and our 7th, and our 8th... We celebrated our special day by spending some time with each other, doing nothing but eat, laugh and be crazy.

Ronald, Russell and I will celebrate everything in our lives.

Blessed Be.


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