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Friday, February 4, 2011

Where is the love?


I am soaking the whites for tomorrow's laundry while my son is playing with his friends in front of our house. A mother along with her child went to one of our neighbor's house for a little chat. After a while, I heard an angry voice and when I turned around I saw the mother holding a candle while screaming at her child.


She was dripping candle on the boy's hand!


Because the boy often asks for 1 peso, goes outside the house to play and fights with his basketball buddies.

Seeing my son so shock and terrified with what he is witnessing, I immediately requested my son to go inside the house and he willingly obeyed. Then I muttered loudly, "Sana hindi nag-aanak kung walang pera at kung sasaktan lang din pala." (I hope she did not have a child if she does not have money and if she just hurts the child.)

The worst thing is that almost everyone is cheering the mother on. What a barbaric and grossly uneducated act! Those kind of women does not deserve to have a child.

So friends, let me ask you, is love present there?

And we are wondering why violent crimes flood the streets. So sad.

Blessed be.


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