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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random Thought


"You can never manage time. You can only manage yourself."

The brilliant words from the OIC of School of Management and Information Technology of De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde is still fresh although he uttered them over a year ago during the orientation for the PAASCU Accreditation.

Why and how should we manage yourselves? Is the question that most teenagers in the school thought of but dare not asked.

I can distinctly remember an assignment given by a professor, he told us to buy a planner / organizer, no matter how small or how big, as long as we can write on it using a pen. The first planner I bought is plain and looks like a thick notebook. One page is dedicated for each working day, that is monday to friday, while saturday and sunday share a page.

At first, I do not know what to write on the pages for as I see it everyday is a routine. I started by recording the time I woke up and the things I did in the morning, such as prepare breakfast and packed my son's snack box. In the afternoon, I jotted the email inquiries I received, the quotations I sent and the orders I need to finish. At night, I went to school so I wrote down what we discussed in each class, noted the assignments or if there will be a quiz next meeting. Before I went to sleep, I finally wrote the things I accomplished for the day and some random thoughts. A few weeks went by, I got used to writing in my planner and consulting the previous page if I need to prepare for the current day or for the coming days.

Now my planner is full of scribblings. I note my expenses, the food I ate, places I visit, friends I see, things I buy or things I wanted to do. Sometimes I even write what we talked or joked about in my planner. Checking my planner for the appointments that I may have for the day is very helpful for me to prioritize my responsibilities. vThe simple 200-peso notebook look-a-like is helping me manage myself by reminding me that every little thing matters. Maintaining a planner helped me manage my thoughts, emotions, finances and spirituality.

Here's a couple of pages from my planner.

What does your planner look like?

Blessed be.


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