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Monday, December 13, 2010

Pinoy Unity Swim


My friend Pearl and I participated in the Pinoy Unity Swim. We arrived at U.P. Diliman Prep School around 11 pm. We registered our names and proceeded to change into our swimsuits. Around 12 midnight we are finally at the poolside to wait for our turn.

With my heart racing due to excitement, I dived into the icy cold water around 1 in the morning. Then the number of swimmers waiting in the poolside and in the ready bench became less.

We got our participant's certificate by two in the morning. The count was 1,928 and there were only a few swimmers in the ready bench. My friend and I were scared that the line will be cut and there will no chance for the Philippines to break the record at all.

I recently saw the report on that we failed to get the Guinness World of Records. As a participant, I felt a bit sad that we came short by 496 swimmers.

In my humble opinion, the organizers fell short in marketing the event. A small booth in every college and university in Metro Manila to gather participants would fairly effective way to gain more swimmers. A facebook account that will announce the event will spread the news as fast as the internet goes. Lastly, more competitive swimmers might have participated if only Mark Joseph of Philippine Amateur Swimming Association did not threaten to suspend any swimmer that will participate in the event and organized a time trial swim event on the same day.

I calculated that it would take 250 swimmers per hour with a time of 13.66 per lap to break the record. Who can swim that time best but competitive swimmers? I certainly hope that next time we try to break the record, more competitive swimmers will participate.

Still, I congratulate Nikki Coseteng, Susan Papa, event staff, the girl scouts, boy scouts, cocc trainees and cat officers who did not sleep during the event. I also commend everyone who participated, those who started the swim at 4pm, those braved to swim the cold nighttime water and those who tried their best to swim before the deadline.

Congratulations to everyone who participated.

Next time let's break the record!

Blessed Be.


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