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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pepper Lunch


Ronald and I love to eat. This time we tried Pepper Lunch, located at the lower ground floor of Shangri-la Mall. I ordered the Salmon Pepper Rice and Ronald ordered the Beef Pepper rice. We waited a few minutes and then our food arrived.

Salmon Pepper Rice P275

Beef Pepper Rice P215

I was a bit surprised to see that the salmon and beef on top of the sizzling hot plate are uncooked. Then he read the paper covering the sides of the plate, it said that we're supposed to "cook" the salmon & beef. Giggling like 5-year-old kids, we did what the paper said.

There are two sauces on the table and we pour a bit on the meat. When it seemed that the meat are cooked, I mixed the rice and salmon together. Then I found out that there's a lot of butter under the rice and I mixed it even more.

The combination of corn, butter, green onion and pepper rice is so delectable, I could eat it alone. As expected the salmon and beef is fresh and tasty. My tummy was so satisfied. I will definitely ask Ronald to take me to Pepper Lunch again.

Blessed be.


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