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Monday, October 25, 2010

Family Sunday


It's always been said that Sunday is "Family Day". Ronald, Russell and I are busy with our own lives during the weekdays and Sunday is the only day we could spend the whole day together without any distraction.

I tried to document our family Sunday for two consecutive weeks and here's what I got.

On October 17, the three of us went to the mall for lunch. Russell wanted to try the "pizza star" (as he call it) of Pizza Hut. Although Ronald and I were not fans of the said restaurant, we decided to try the pizza anyway only to please our son.

So here's Russell pretending to be asleep because it took 20 minutes of waiting for his chocolate shake.

The oh so famous "pizza star". I honestly don't know the real name of this pizza. It tastes good but the sausage on the pizza is a bit much for me. I'm a pepperoni and cheese pizza type of girl.

The appetizer plate consists of 3 bread slices, 3 chicken fingers, potato fries and 2 dips. I love the fries. The bread is ok but I haven't tasted the chicken.

My boys love to get their pics taken while they pretend to eat the food.

After our meal, we went grocery shopping and I lost all my energy trying to keep up with Russell while he's on sugar high. We then went to Tom's World and tried playing video games but since there's too much people so decided to go home after a few minutes.

Yesterday, we had a different family day. Well, we stayed at home because Ronald, his brother Romel and our nephew Lance had some chores to finish.

I decided to take Ali, our yellow labrador puppy outside for a little exercise. When I saw that she got excited upon seeing her parents Roe and Ram, I asked Ronald if I could take the two adult labradors out of their house.

Ali and Ram, always gangs up on Roe. Ram wants to chase Roe around the garage, while Ali wants to have a bite-play with Roe.

These three fur balls loves to bite the leaves on my plants. Look how sad-looking my forget-me-not plant is.

Spending the day with family is always a good day for me. Whether its eating our hearts out in a restaurant or watching our family dogs play with each other. One thing I know is for sure. A family always revolves around the mother.

How do you spend your Sunday?

Blessed Be.


  • October 26, 2010 at 12:59 AM

    Looks like fun Sundays in your house :-)

    And such cute doggie family :-)

    I usually take my dog for an extra long walk on Sundays. And lately I have been catching up on my blogging on Sundays as well. I try to find some breathing time during the day, but it's not easy...

    Take care,

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