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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A typical week with Russell


Our week started with a stroll in the mall and dinner. We took Russell to Jolibee to satisfy his cravings for the Jolly spaghetti. After Russell had enough of his spaghetti, we went to Hap Chan so that Ronald and I can satisfy our own cravings.

Russell only asked for the chilled taho as he's done with his dinner. However, when he saw the picture of the Yang Chao Fried Rice, he asked if he can eat again, and we agreed. Here's a pic of him enjoying his second meal for the night.

Come Iuesday, I realized that we ran out of some groceries. Russell went shopping with me, on the condition that he will not buy anything except for a spaghetti. He actually asked me to cook spaghetti just like the one in Jolibee. Oh how I wish I can learn its recipe so that we won't have to go out anymore everytime he's craving for it.

He then asked if he can play a bit. I gave Russell 10 coins and told him that 10 coins is all he could have for the night. He played on a machine that lets the player win extra coins, and he won 2 additional coins from the machine. His favorite is this drum machine thing (sorry I forgot what it is called). He then told me that he wants to learn drums if we have the money for it.

One day before his dad's birthday, he borrowed my phone and took some pictures of the puppies. Here's my favorite shot for the day because he captured all three puppies. Russell loves taking pictures.

Unfortunately, everybody forgot to take pictures during Ronald's birthday. Everyone was busy cooking or eating the yummy food on the table. :)

On Saturday, Russell saw this big box. This is supposed to be for the puppies once they were bought. He wanted to play with it first. He was so happy with his new "toy". He actually wanted his dad to paint the box yellow so that he can be Spongebob Squarepants for Halloween. Oh that will be such an affordable and unique costume! :)

Monday came. I saw Russell playing with his papers. There are boats, hats and airplanes on the couch. I showed him his baby picture where he was wearing a paper hat similar to the one he put on the Ali. His picture gave him an idea and asked me to take this shot of him with Ali.

This is a typical week with our son. His mornings are focused on school. We try to finish his assignments before 1pm so that he can take a nap. On nights we either play with each other or read a book.

He can be naughty at times. He can be too annoying when he wants my attention. He can be the sweetest boy. He can be the funniest comedian. He can also be my worst enemy.

He's my everything.

Do you have someone who makes you happy?

Blessed be.


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