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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Movie Night: Despicable Me


Our family loves watching movies on the big screen. Last night we saw Despicable Me 3D in Glorietta 4. We did not expect the inflow of moviegoers in Shangri-La Mall because when we got there the tickets were sold out. Shangri-La mall 3D cinema is way better than Glorietta 4's, but since we already promised Russell that we'll watch the movie, we got on the MRT to Ayala.

Despicable Me is about Gru, a washed-up villain who keeps on trying to prove himself to his mother and to the world. His bad reputation was overtaken by the villain who stole a Pyramid. In order to get his honor back, he then decided to steal the moon using the shrink ray.

Margo, Edith and Agnes have a regular customer in Vector, a nerd turned super villain and Gru's greatest enemy. Gru's world turned upside down when he decided to adopt the three adorable girls and use them to distract Vector with the cookies. Eventually Gru fell in love with the girls. He got between his greatest dream to steal the moon and being a parent to his girls.

It's a heartfelt and funny story about a person who was constantly ignored and unappreciated who ended up finding love in three unexpected little people. It also showed that there is good in every person, it is a matter of finding its trigger.

Watch this movie if you want to laugh out loud.

Blessed Be.


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