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Friday, August 13, 2010

I miss you


At age 3
I learned the alphabet
I wrote my full name

At age 4
I started reading words
I memorized our telephone number
I can even tell where our house is

At age 5
I can read a whole book
I can laundry my hanky and socks
I can fry a hotdog and an egg

Back then I could not understand
I used to say that you're mean
I used to think that you're a robot

As I got older I realized
That you expected a lot from me
Because you believe in me that much

You taught me
To fight for what I want
To follow what is right
To listen to my heart
Even though everyone is against me

Because of you my daddy
I became independent
I became strong
I am me

I miss our laughter
I miss our bickering
I miss your voice yelling at me
I miss the way you pushed me to excel

I miss you so much that it still hurts

You are now in heaven
The learnings you instilled in me
Will forever remain

Thank you for everything.
I love you daddy.

Blessed Be.



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