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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Run. Walk. Crawl.


It was one cloudy sunday morning when my friends and I took a cab to Bonifacio Global City. We joined the "One Run. One Family. One La Salle." fun run for the benefit of Green for Life: One Million Trees and Beyond. I was there with my friends, Jovel, Tanya, Cris, Kux, Paul and our classmate Karen.

Thirty minutes before the 5k race starts, we finally got our race singlet. The baggage counter was overflowing with bags of runners, some where on the floor while most are on top of other bags.

We took our place behind other 3k runners a few minutes before the race.

3-2-1 Run!!!

My friends and I started to run, some where fast and most are pacing their speed. My strength gave up a few meters before I reached 1k, as I joined my friend Tanya we briskwalked until we're a few meters to the finish line.

I ran. I walked. In the end I wanna crawl back home.

My legs hurt for 2 days that I don't want to do anything else. This is what I get for not sleeping every night but every other night. Still, I had fun running with my friends and I'm looking forward to our next run.

Blessed be.


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