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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pomegranate Phone of Nova Scotia


An all-in-one device indeed!

It's a phone, which lets you send email, browse the internet, take pictures, watch video, listen to MP3 and navigate via GPS.

It also has widescreen video projector for presentations & movies and voice translator.

You may also use it as coffee brewer, razor / shaver and harmonica.

Freebies included are phone holder, speaker system and T-shirt.

When and where it will be released first?

In your dreams!

When plotted in the AIDA model, here's how the website is presented:
Awareness - The phone is sleek, stylish and in eye-catching red color.
Interest - Basic and additional features are presented. phone, email, internet, video projector, etc.
Desire - Newest phone features are shown and finalized with the freebies. coffee brewer, razor, speaker, etc.
Action- Instead of announcing the release date and place, it was somewhat like...
"Come visit the beautiful Nova Scotia!"

The Pomegranate Phone website is part of a marketing campaign to promote Nova Scotia, a small southeastern Canadian province. The hype of mobile phones was utilized to create awareness and hopefully invite tourists to the province.

Viral marketing, as any marketing promotion, could make or break a brand. In this case, the buzz on the pomegranate phone is greater than the real brand they are selling, Nova Scotia.

Yes the website did announce that Nova Scotia exists and it is beautiful. However, if people felt that the pomegranate phone is a hoax how sure can they be sure that the pictures of the province can be is real?

In my opinion, trust is still a factor.

People will buy and continue buying a brand they could trust.


Blessed be.


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