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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Last Airbender 3D


The Last Airbender movie was based on the hit Nickelodeon cartoon series Avatar: The Legend of Aang. It is about Aang, a 12-year-old boy who grew up with the air nomads, who is the youngest Avatar and is the only airbender that exists. My son Russell loves Avatar: The Legend of Aang, we even have the whole 3 series on our computer. I almost memorized the whole story because my son watches the series every weekend.

My husband and I watched the movie in 3D in Shangri-La mall. The movie ticket includes a tumbler of popcorn and 16oz drink.

I prefer watching 3D movies in Shangri-La mall over Glorietta 4. The 3D glasses in Shang is much clearer compared to the ones in Glorietta 4. Plus, there is the free popcorn & drink in Shang.

As expected, the whole story from the series cannot be seen in the movie. The movie only shows the most important details about the 4 nations, the benders and Aang.

A few comparisons between the cartoon series & movie....

Sokka - he's funny in the cartoon series but he's serious in the movie
Katara - she's a stronger water bender than Aang but in the movie she's weaker
Suki & the Kiyoshi warriors - their part in the book 3: fire is big but they are absent in the movie
The cartoon series is really funny. The movie was serious.

The movie is not for kids who prefers watching comedy films. I'm not a very critical movie watcher so even though it is a little "bitin", the movie is enjoyable.

Blessed be.


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