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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The End of Faceless Brands


The constant shift of consumer behavior is putting brands at its mercy. Social media is the only place to be in this generation. Text messaging is the constant communication among people. Customers are becoming more restless, sophisticated and harder to please than ever. These challenges present marketers to innovate, to create a soul, to carve a face on their brands.

Hard selling the product does not seem to work anymore. The old school method of aggressively trying to push the product to the customer might work once but it may not attract repeat customers in the long run. Nowadays, telling a person they need the product is annoying to those who hear the spiel over and over. The benefits presented, will be the turning point for them to decide if they need to product. Hence, the benefits that will answer the need should be emphasized in every marketing campaign.

People want someone they can relate to. They will not buy a product wherein the endorser alienates them. Stay at home mothers are more likely to buy powder detergent endorsed by a person who best represents the stay at home mom image. Men would purchase gadgets endorsed by the most sought after man in the commercial. Kids will request their parents to buy a product used by other kids.

Social networking is an excellent tool to launch the new face of a brand. A brand could not afford not to be present in a social networking site. Repetitive communication of the advertising message will be done by the users of the site. These users will be the one who will share the brand’s message to anyone they like. The presence of the brand makes them more accessible and real, real in the sense that people can relate to the brand enough to create a relationship with it.

People are becoming too visual in choosing their brand, they want to remember a brand by its image. For a brand to remain faceless is unfavorable to its entire existence. A brand that people could not relate to will not remain on top of mind. Hence, the proper and competitive brand persona should be established as soon as possible.

Game face on!

Blessed Be.


  • July 6, 2010 at 10:15 AM

    Impressive! This article is so nicely written. I love how I can easily understand a topic which I find complex. Blogosphere is also one tool that advertisers can use to promote their product. That's why more and more bloggers are being invited to product launches.

    Lots of love,

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