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Monday, July 5, 2010

Coffee: a drink enjoyed hot and cold


Coffee was originally enjoyed hot yet as the years turned so did the preference of consumers. Hot drinks are often seen as a drink for adults while cold drinks are for the youth. Nescafe probably recognized this shift in preference and created Nescafe Samalamig.

Nescafe Samalamig is a promotion of Nescafe Classic which is typically implemented during summer. The TV commercials targets the youth beach goers who love to drink cold coffee. The cafes who sell iced coffee and coffee frappes cannot be found in most Philippine beaches and summer vacation spots; hence that’s where Nescafe Samalamig steps in the picture.

Below are some aspects of the marketing campaign of Nescafe Samalamig:

Television Commercials

There might be other promotions done by Nescafe but I could find more information online aside from those I already mentioned.

The million peso question is: “Did the Nescafe Samalamig campaign worked?

In my opinion, it did.

My mom is indeed a coffee drinker, she is a fan of the 3-in-1 coffee not the classic one, but once the commercial aired she bought a pack of Nescafe Classic with a picture of a cold coffee on the front. So for me the tvc worked.

With all the resources of Nescafe I think they could have done more to promote Nescafe Samalamig.

Here are some ideas I could come up with.

1. Raffle promo
A sticker with a raffle code will be placed inside the Nescafe Classic package. The consumer will then text the necessary information to join the raffle. Prize can be a trip for two to a famous beach in the country.

2. Giveaways
For every purchase of the big pack of Nescafe Classic, tumbler will be given for free along with a samalamig recipe.

3. Campus event
The campaign targets teenagers and young professionals who loves cold coffee and the beach, hence a university / college event will put the whipped cream on the Nescafe Samalamig drink. It would be held on the last week of February to the first week of March. Activities could include games and raffles where participants can win Nescafe Classic items. A contest for the best Nescafe Samalamig recipe can be held where the students can participate in voting. A photobooth will be placed where students can have their pictures taken while holding a Nescafe Samalamig product and the wackiest photo can win a prize. To end the event, a concert by a famous Filipino band will rock with the students in welcoming summer.

4. Morning show appearance
The early morning shows such as Unang Hirit and Umagang Kay Ganda can be a great tool to increase awareness of the Nescafe Samalamig to adult coffee drinkers especially to mothers. The set could be designed as a beach with summer lounge chairs and umbrellas. A chef will demonstrate and prepare Nescafe Samalamig concoctions for the hosts. The message to be delivered will be something like “Beat the summer heat with Nescafe Samalamig.”

Rain or shine it has been proven that Nescafe coffee is a drink anyone can enjoy anytime.

Time to drink up!

Blessed be.


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