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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our First 3D Experience


Ronald and I took Russell to Megamall to buy his school stuff yesterday. After shopping we decided to watch the Toy Story 3. The line in the SM cinema ticket booth was so long so we went to Glorietta instead.

Traffic was crazy as it is payday plus Father's Day weekend. We arrived at 5:10pm and was a bit sad when we saw that the 5:50pm show was sold-out. We don't want to wait for the 8:10pm show. Ronald said that we'll buy the 7:10pm show, and its the 3D movie. We lined for about 20 minutes before we got out tickets. We waited in the food court for an hour and went back upstairs to line up (again) to watch the movie.

We saw The Last Airbender trailer in digital 3D. The trailer also said that the movie will be available in real 3D and digital 3D. Can anybody explain to me the difference?

The Toy Story 3 movie was funny and sad at the same time. I remembered my transition from being a kid to an adult announced by two thin red lines. If my toys were alive back then they would be the like lonely toys in the movie because I never got the chance to pass them to someone else.

Should there would be another Toy Story movie, I wonder what the plot would be. Will Andy come back to visit Bonnie and his toys? Will Bonnie outgrow the toys, hence another traumatic experience for Woody and the others? Whatever the next Disney Pixar movie, for sure Ronald, Russell and I will be there to watch.

As for the 3D experience, I'm not used to wearing glasses so I got a bit dizzy watching the movie. Next, maybe we'll try watching at SM Mall of Asia IMAX theater. Until, our next 3D experience!

Blessed Be.


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