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Wednesday, June 9, 2010



I woke up one morning feeling as if someone is forcing my upper back muscles to fit into a really small hole. My body is screaming in pain so I cannot create sensible sentences for my thesis, more stress! My scoliosis is also to blame for my unending back pain agony because the abnormal curve of my spine limits the space available for my muscles, thus the pain.

I went to Mont Albo Massage Hut near Robinson's Place Ermita to relax for a while. The establishment is very calming, and it smells good too. I availed their signature massage which is actually a combination of swedish & shiatsu massage plus bentosa.

First, the therapist stretched my back a little, then she rubbed oil on my back. When I heard the glasses clicking I said to myself "Here it goes...". The therapist placed the first cup on my lower back. I only felt the cup sucking my skin when she moved it upwards to my shoulder, that's when I felt pain, then warmth. The process went on for seven more times, each time she moves the cup she'll ask me "Ma'am okay lang po?" I always answer "Yes", even though it is evident that the moving cups hurt my skin. Once the cups are positioned on my back, the warm temperature instantly removed the muscle aches.

Next, the therapist left the cups on my back while she massaged my feet, legs & thighs. The shiatsu movement is done by pushing the muscles using the thumbs. I noticed that my right lower body hurt more than my left while she's massaging them. I'm not a big fan of this massage technique. I still prefer the gliding motion of the hands.

Off came the cups and the therapist began massaging my upper back. I have plenty of tight and painful muscles so she took some time to massage the area. She definitely knows how to soothe tight muscles. She then requested me to lie on my back and she resumed the massage.

The one hour massage therapy ended with a sip of warm tea. My back feels better but I can still feel a bit pain on my tight muscles. I suppose my back is like a worst-case-scenario and I need more than one therapy to completely remove the back pain.

Here's how my back looks like after the bentosa therapy.

I paid P300 for the massage plus P80 for the bentosa. I definitely recommend Mont Albo Massage Hut to those who needs a massage but wants to stay in a budget.

Until, my next "Me-time".

Blessed Be.


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