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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Look mom I did it!


Russell asked me to take this picture when he finally learned to tie the shoelaces. It took him a few tries and cries to do it. The first time I tried teaching him how to tie his shoelace was months ago. He got very upset when he could not do it at the end of the day. So I assured him that it is acceptable if he cannot do it. Then I kept the practice board on the bottom of his art box.

He found the practice board this morning and asked if he could try it. I hesitated for a while because he might get upset again. Then I finally said yes and showed him the technique taught to me by one of my favorite uncles. Two tries after I untied that shoelaces and we put down the board as I attended to the need of our pregnant dog.

He shouted "Look mom I did it!"

I turned around to see that the shoelaces are tied. I asked Russell to tie the shoelaces again and he did it carefully as if he's the one teaching me.

His achievement is a very big deal for me. See, being a mom to a very impatient child is no easy task. Russell gets upset at himself if he cannot do something right for the first time. He always seeks perfection in everything he do. He feels frustrated when he takes a long time learning and completing a task.

I find it hard to make him understand that there are times that he needs to practice longer in order to be great at something. I find it hard because we're very much alike. The stress and pressure I feel right now all came from me. In a way I motivate myself by constantly pushing myself to perform well in anything I do. And if my best effort is not enough, I do more and do not stop until I break down.

How do you explain to another person something that you're also having a hard time to learn?

Insights will be greatly appreciated.

Blessed be.


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