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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Get out of the box!


Think outside the box.

.... is the constant suggestion of our International Marketing professor.

We discussed a case entitled, "Who Goes to Saudi Arabia - Bill or Jane?".

One would answer, Bill, then our professor would suggest that Jane might be the best choice. Then somebody answered, Jane, as expected our professor suggested that Bill will be given the time by the client.

Our professor repeatedly said "Think outside the box." while pushing us to think further. He also mentioned that in every case or situation one must properly determine the Key Issue in order to address it properly. All of us limited ourselves to the options given and the gender issue of Saudi Arabia. We forgot that as students aiming to be marketing managers, we should not confine ourselves inside a box. We should be the one breaking the box by providing the best solution that could not be conceived by anyone inside the box.

Another brain rattling but competency enhancing night has gone by.

I will definitely look forward to another class with our global marketing director of a multinational company professor.

Blessed Be.


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