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Friday, June 18, 2010

Baguio Trip - Day 2


We woke up at 7:00am. We took a quick shower and went out for breakfast to Burnham Park. Russell wanted to go to 7-eleven to buy his food. He bought a pack of bread pan & a milo tetrapack. Ronald and I decided to buy lumpia prito, taho and coffee for breakfast. We ate our food on a bench near the boating lagoon.

We let our inner child run free as all three of us ran to the Burnham Park playground.

Then we went back to the skating rink for a ride on the bump cars and other arcade games including the bounce play (again).

We tried the puto bumbong of Solibao Restaurant in Burnham Park and loved it. We watched the bike race while eating the puto bumbong.

It was 11:30am when we decided to go back to the hotel and pack our things. We checked out at exactly 12:00pm. The hotel was so gracious in letting their guests leave their things after checking out. They tied all our things inside a net and gave us a number. We told them that we’ll claim the bags before 3:00pm.

As expected, it rained really hard when 12:00noon struck. We waited for the rain to stop. Around 12:30pm went our way to Solibao Restaurant along Session Road. We ordered the Bulalo soup, Sizzling Binagoongang Baboy, Sizzling Lechon Kawali, extra rice and drinks, the sizzling meals come with vegetables, egg and puto bumbong with native cocoa. I gave the egg to Russell, which he ate with the extra rice we ordered.

Ronald and I were laughing as we’re having a hard time eating everything. The bulalo soup is good enough to be ulam (viand), the rice is really heavy and we still have the puto bumbong. When we finally finished our meal, Russell said that he will not finish his rice & egg, so we asked for the bill. The bill arrived and after we paid for our meal, Russell began eating his rice & egg again! It seemed that he changed his mind, hehe!

After the heavy lunch, off we walked to Baguio City market to buy pasalubong around 2:00pm. I bought birthstone cellphone chains and cute bag keychains for my friends. Ronald bought 2 kilos of strawberry and two containers of peanut brittle. We also bought a pink Baguio City shirt for mama because she’s very kikay. We wanted to buy plenty of Baguio goodies but it is hard to carry dozens of bottles of peanut butter, strawberry jam, and ube when you will ride a bus with a child.

At exactly 3:00pm, we flagged a taxi to take us to the Victory Liner station. We waited until 3:45pm for the 4pm bus to start loading passengers. The bus left the station at 4:17pm.

We haven’t got the chance to see all the tourist spots in Baguio. Still, the happiness shining from my boys’ eyes are enough for me. I will definitely visit Baguio again with my family.

I will never say “Goodbye” to Baguio.

Summary of our expenses

It’s always, “Until next time, Baguio!

Blessed Be.


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