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Friday, June 18, 2010

Baguio Trip - Day 1


The bus left the station at 12:00 midnight and I immediately fell into deep sleep with the help of the bonamine tablet as I was already awake for 24 hours due to my thesis. My son Russell went to sleep as I instructed him, he also got his own dose of bonamine tablet as he gets dizzy in bus rides too.

I was awakened by the bus driver’s voice when he announced that we’re arriving to the first bus stop around 2:00am. Russell and I, sleepily walked to the restrooms to relieve ourselves then back to the bus to eat the snacks we bought from a convenience store in Manila.

I dozed off around 3:00am and woke up around 5:00am to relieve myself in the restroom of the last bus stop. I stayed awake for the rest of the ride to Baguio. Russell woke up just in time when the bus was half-way up the zigzag roads to Baguio.

We arrived at Baguio around 6:00am. All the passengers were met by a dozen of agents offering affordable accommodations in Baguio. I chose not to entertain any offering as I would like to see the exact location and the rooms before I book one. Russell got a bit hungry and requested if he could buy a taho. We went inside the Victory Liner station to buy our tickets to Manila. Then, all three of us walked to Session Road to look at the hotels.

First, was Hotel 45 near the McDonald’s along Session Road. We were disappointed when the front desk staff informed us that the only room available is the Family Room good for 6 persons and is worth P1600.

Next, we went to La Brea Inn on top of Yellow Cab, still along Session Road. They are also fully booked by the time we got there. We can pay for the De Luxe room worth P1,300, leave our baggage in the lobby and check-in at 1:00pm after the previous guest checks -out. They showed us their Single room and they offered to let us use an extra mattress for free. Since hubby is not so picky about his sleeping arrangements as long as the mattress & room is clean, we paid for the Single room P1,100 and we went our way to grab breakfast.

Russell insisted that he’ll just eat the snacks we bought from the convenience store & drink his milo. Since we’re on a vacation I gave in but secretly hoped I could entice him to eat real breakfast. We chose to eat at 456 restaurant. Ronald ordered the Tapsilog w/ free hot drink while I asked for their Beef Mami and we ordered 2 iced teas. The food was great, the Beef Mami and Tapa were very tasty. Russell asked for a part of the egg and rice from Ronald and a little sip of the Mami.

We then went to Burnham park. Russell rented a bike for P35 an hour while Ronald and I waited under the renter’s tent. We bought a few snacks offered by vendors and Ronald jokingly said that we should not have eaten in the restaurant if he knows that there are plenty of delicious foods for sale in Burnham, hehe. I tried the strawberry taho and surprised myself when I loved it. I eat strawberries but I’m not a big fan of strawberry flavored anything.

Russell woke me up at 12:30pm and said that it is raining. We got a bit sad and hoped that the rain will stop soon so that we can grab a lunch and continue our trip. I freshened up and woke up Ronald when the rain stopped around 1:00pm.

We went downstairs and started our search for a restaurant to eat lunch in. As usual Russell chose McDonald’s. Ronald and I chose Sizzling Plate located in upper Session Road. I ordered the Salisbury Steak and Ronald got the Sisig. The Salisbury steak looked like a giant burger steak but tasted way better. The sisig tasted different probably because of the bell peppers included in the recipe. Russell did not finish his Spaghetti, Chicken & Fries so we just gave the food to a beggar we saw on the street.

We went back to Burnham park to try the skating rink. Russell got scared because he doesn’t know how to skate. Ronald tried teaching him at first. I instructed Russell what to do first to get the feel of the skates. After 30 minutes we removed the skates, the skates stink so we ended up buying new socks! Thankfully, I always bring alcohol in my bag. So went back to the hotel to shower.

After the shower, we wanted to try horseback riding. We tried looking for the jeep to Mines View but upon seeing the heavy traffic, we flagged a taxi instead. 47 pesos later we arrived at Wright Park horse riding circle. We gave the driver 50 pesos and opened the door to get off the taxi. He called my husband to give the 3 peso change, my husband asked him to keep it but the driver insisted, such an honest man, he will be blessed.

Ronald does not want to ride a horse as he injured himself earlier while getting off the bus. It is Russell’s first time to ride a horse and I decided to ride with him so that he will not get scared. The riding circle was very muddy so the pony boy guided us to ride on the road. I was a bit scared at first because I’m not used to riding on the road, even though I’ve ridden a dozen horses in Baguio since I was small. The pony boy assured us that it is safe as the drivers are aware of the horses outside the riding circle. It is so great to ride at night because the air is much cooler. The ride lasted for 30 minutes and it was fun all the way.

We flagged a taxi to Session Road so we can grab dinner. I was surprised to see all the ukay-ukay lined along the streets. As tempted as I was, I decided not to buy because Russell announced that he is hungry. As expected, Russell chose Jolibee and we bought him a kiddie meal. Ronald and I decided to eat at Pizza Volante. We ordered the Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza. Russell finished his meal and asked for a slice of pizza. One bite after, his head sleepily fell onto the table. I got his extra jacket & towels so that he can rest his head on it. As much as Ronald and I wanted to savor the awesome flavor of the pizza, we hurried so that we can go back to the hotel.

It was only 9:00pm when we decided to sleep for the night.

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Blessed Be.


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