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Friday, June 11, 2010

Animals have feelings too


My 4 R's

Russell is the one holding a magic wand and pumpkin. Ram looks over the pumpkin while dripping saliva on Russell (lol!). Roe is the shy-looking one. The man grinning like a kid is my husband Ronald. Yes, the Labradors are part of our family. We get extremely worried when they are sick.

Sadly, not all dogs are lucky like Ram & Roe. There are dogs who are bred in unacceptable conditions, used for fighting, and some are even traded for their meat & fur. I will not be a hypocrite and proclaim myself as an animal lover but I do believe that all animals are created for a reason. I'm not adopting shelter animals because I won't be able to provide for them either.

There are several cats who found shelter under one of the houses in our compound and they are breeding like crazy. Their poop can be seen in almost every corner of the area. We cannot catch them and bring them to a shelter as we do not know how to safely catch stray cats. I tried emailing some animal welfare groups in the country and I hope they will respond soon. I'm not a cat person but I don't want to hurt them either.

So how can we help improve the lives of stray animals?

There are organizations that needs cash, kind or time, or you can adopt an animal and give them a home.

Humans are created way better than any living creature on earth. Let us show our worth by taking care of those who cannot communicate their needs and respecting their lives as well.

Blessed be.


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