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Thursday, June 24, 2010

100 peso coffee and snack


It was one hectic afternoon when I really needed the coffee boost that an instant coffee will not fulfill. Most of the coffee shops were full and their snacks are so overpriced. I decided to try Delifrance as I saw the affordable prices of their bread displayed near the cafe's entrance and most of their seats are vacant.

I bought the grande brewed coffee and a small loaf of whole wheat bread. I took as seat on one of their couches and waited for the staff to bring my snack over. Seeing the big mug of hot coffee and sliced whole wheat bread immediately woke me up.

All these for a hundred pesos. I actually mixed the creamer and sugar and ate 4 slices of the bread before I remembered to take a picture. I left Delifrance with a full stomach and on a caffeine rush and is definitely ready for the remaining of the night.

Blessed be.


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